That Ain't Me (Remix) [feat. Default]

by Jordan Fox

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The remix to the acclaimed track "That Ain't Me" off the debut EP "Calm & Sense" by Play Nice! Records artist Jordan Fox released earlier this year in late February. A brisk, scathing commentary on fraudulent rappers and the tired tropes used again and again. Backed with bouncy, booming production courtesy of swirl the track is sure to knock speakers as well as heads. Joining Fox on the track is fellow label-mate Default who appeared on other Fox tracks "Snakes" as well as "Potion" and it's clear the chemistry has no sign of stopping as the two emcees let loose plenty of witty punchlines and fiery flows. Just one of the many releases scheduled to drop this year from the independent label.


[Intro: Jordan Fox]
Play Nice Records Muthafucka!

[Verse One: Jordan Fox]
I'll go from bankrupt til my bank erupt
Play Nice, you fucking lame if you ain't hear us
Tryna talk shit but you on the Angel Dust
Cause the greyhound's only time you buss
I'm the best in the city ain't had to do shit
While you sit around and speak on the cash that you get
Can't forget the MAC that you spit
But Apple made the only Mac that you click
I ain't gotta try hard to write
But I do got a style that be hard to bite
Don't fuck with the fake, wanna start a fight
Hop out the Van we Gogh you see a Starry Night
Y'all go hard as a babies head
With a broke bitch talking 'bout "chase the bread"
Yeah, aim the lead
Got a gun but ain't nobody came up dead?

[Hook One: Jordan Fox]
Nah, I'm good on that
That Ain't Me
Acting like you are the fella to be
That Ain't Me

[Verse Two: Default]
Nah, I'm good on that
Never sold my soul to get put on jack
Never caught with a rock in the hood all black
Never seen on the scene where they do all trap
I'm really shocked that y'all wanna pop shit
Dummy throwing signs but we already know where ya block sit
Fire on top like a birthday cake ya still act like you packing a thirty eight
Well tough talk get burned so boy you better learn fore' I fuck around and put em' in an urn today
Regurgitate so the cows are fed
Only gripping that chrome when you browse the web
Never seen real shit when the thin got thick
First thing y'all did went and found the feds
And I don't fuck with that you a slave to trends
Don't got a style or a brain to lend
The truth hurts and my verse gon blaze ya skin
The remix had to hit em' with the flame again

[Hook Two: Default]
I'm good on that
That Ain't Me
Tryna ride dick but the shit ain't free
That Ain't Me

[Hook One: Jordan Fox]
Nah, I'm good on that
That Ain't Me
Acting like you are the fella to be
That Ain't Me


released April 22, 2017
Produced by: swirl.
Cuts by: Ripley.
Mix, Mastered & Arranged by: E.J. Hoskins.
Recorded at: The River Studio.
Art Direction: Default & swirl.
(c) Play Nice! Records



all rights reserved


Jordan Fox Arkansas City, Kansas

Creating music from a young age, Jordan spent years absorbing sounds across many genres and used it to build an impressive musical arsenal. Rapper, Singer, Writer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, etc. Fox moved quickly in the local music scene. From cyphers to alternative bands to hip hop groups and despite years of struggle and dead ends, the grind stays strong as does the music from the flatland titan. ... more

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