Calm & Sense

by Jordan Fox

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As a genre Hip-Hop has been filled to the brim over the years with stories of inner-city struggle. By now we've all heard the cliches but with Jordan Fox's debut project "Calm & Sense" he hopes to shine a light on the issues that plague small town life away from the big city. Strapped with eight tracks of booming bass, down-trodden melodies and technical but accessible bars Fox muses over broken friendships, mental illness, addiction and the poverty he witnesses all around him. The hefty subject matter is carried by all-star producers such as swirl, Andre.On.Beat as well as Fox himself. The EP serves as the debut for Fox's new independent label Play Nice! Records co-owned with label-mate Default (who also appears as the albums only guest vocalist). With a refreshing take on familiar topics and an unparalleled skill with beats and rhymes it's safe to say that Jordan Fox is set to be one of the biggest rising stars out of a state not usually known for its Hip-Hop scene. So sit back and absorb the sounds of cracked pavement, cloudy skies and hunger pains put to wax with such dedication and artistic finesse.

NOTE: Clicking on each song title will give you background commentary from Fox and Default on the making of each track and how it all came together in the studio. Perfect for inquisitive fans!

ARTIST NOTE: I'm so proud to present you all with this, and I love the hell out of every single person who supports me and my art. This EP is much less about the whole rapper bravado kinda thing, and more about detailing some hard times I've been through, and I hope it's refreshing and appreciated.
Thank you for listening! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter @PlayNiceRecords


released February 24, 2017

Executive Producers: Jordan Fox, swirl & Default.
Produced by: swirl, Andre.On.Beat., & Jordan Fox
Mixed, Mastered & Arranged by: swirl & Jordan Fox.
Sequenced by: Default & Jordan Fox.
Recorded at: Hudson Studio.
Art Direction: Default, Jordan Fox & Hunter Fullhart.
(c) Play Nice! Records.



all rights reserved


Jordan Fox Arkansas City, Kansas

Creating music from a young age, Jordan spent years absorbing sounds across many genres and used it to build an impressive musical arsenal. Rapper, Singer, Writer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, etc. Fox moved quickly in the local music scene. From cyphers to alternative bands to hip hop groups and despite years of struggle and dead ends, the grind stays strong as does the music from the flatland titan. ... more

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Track Name: Snakes (Feat. Default)
[Verse One: Jordan Fox]
My life and I'm my own author
Had to cut a few off my roster
Thin 'em out, and the herd might prosper
Steady dippin' on third by poplar
Small town, man they all so petty
No opportunity to get yo fetty
All the homies on gas by the railroad,
I'm on a track too, but the folks don't get me.
Get a good thing going and they all talk shit
Ever had a past? No more, that's it.
Old folks say it's always been like that,
Leave or you stuck in a state line trap
Where the skies stay gray for the sake of cats
Who don't care one bit, man they fake as wax.
Work all day just to break your back,
I face the facts,
I face my back, and homie all I see is

[Verse Two: Default]
My life in a movie reel
Pan down on my town where I grew for real
Everyone lack funds, gotta loot and steal,
While they all get wild off booze and pills
I need a kick for this Nolan flick,
Interstellar with the rhyme, but my soul is sick
No telling what they'll do for the dopest chick or coldest whip,
They co-sign cobra spit
That's venom I pen a pivotal piece now,
Peace out, the homies bringing me heat now,
Reach out with fangs to bite
Sink 'em in there deep, try'na drain the life
From the page I write, so say goodnight
Fake shit y'all bring got me signing off
Real one knows:
Two heads grow back every time you cut the head from the Hydra off
Y'all Snakes
Track Name: That Ain't Me
[Verse One]
All the drug dealer rap shit is funny to me
Cause I like the notes, but you ain't selling a key
Talking like you are the fella to be
And ya lying to fans, but they hella believe.
Nah, I'm good on that.
I mean I really get it man, we do all rap
Really get it, really did have scraps,
And if you really think about it, really do all trap
But y'all really live to attack me
Out here, you will take a back seat
And I never will gotta pack heat,
Cause I know kids that'll kill for a rap sheet
Plotting to get it and pay bills when a track leak
Real life, no script here to back me
Fresh til death, and my wrist where the tat be,
Trust no one, dead presidents back me.

Nah, I'm good on that. That ain't me.
Acting like you are the fella to be. That ain't me.

[Verse Two]
Letter one, letter three, better get that right,
You ain't gotta sell dope for the shit to be tight
I won't knock yo work, go and get yo funds
But homie selling a G doesn't make you one.
That shit's cat piss, might be green
You wanna talk about traffic? ICT
Wanna talk top five? Might be me
But now I'm going chicken hunting no ICP
Triplet Triplet suck on this dick a bit
You ain't no trap star, no you never did this shit
Can't name one incident you and your clique been in
Talking 'bout moving that weight for the dividends.
Really? Wake up son
I ain't try'na hear about your made up guns
Crying in the mirror while your make up runs
And that's the story of your life, so you make up one.

[Hook x2]
Nah, I'm good on that. That ain't me.
Talking like you are the fella to be. That ain't me.

[Outro: Default]
Track Name: Keep Going
[Verse One]
Never gave a fuck when y'all came weak
Then I came up from that same speak
Didn't know til I rocked the show and got hoes,
Y'all Pocket Monsters like GameFreak
Want a homie on the throne? Don't hold your breath
Knowing that the flow be as cold as death.
I just wanna rock and roll 'til I'm known from Summit to A Street if you're going west.
Blowing gas, got A.C. Ces
Going in for the kill with a trap set
In a moment, pose in yo casket
We the future of the game, you the past tense.
Don't be comin' 'round the killa if you thinking it's hot
Saying you got bars? All you get is a shot
Fuck it, I come with the ruckus, I don't be low key
Hit you with 22 9's like my D.O.B.

[Hook x2]
Keep talking 'bout what y'all thought you knew.
Do what you gotta do,
I'ma just keep going.
Funny how I never got a text or call,
Only want me when the check's involved
I'ma just keep going.

[Verse Two]
Y'all can't roll up to free show
But same night, you can roll up all the weed though?
All the buddy shit fake as fuck,
Never there, didn't care when it came to us.
Hit a stage, lit it very hot
Saying you'd be there, but there you not
Had the girls looking high to a Cherry Ave guy
They looking out to get they cherry popped
Want me at the party but I didn't show
My girl, she was worried 'bout me getting home
Woke up and they hit my phone
Talkin' 'bout "let me get up in the video!"
Fuck that, not how the crew works
Middle finger in the air, don't ask for new perks
Never looking for a shovel when asked to do dirt
That's the phony shit that gets you merc'd
So here's what I learned:
No one ever got hot that's scared to get burnt
Better scale back, I'll blast the tool first
I remember every name that's there when you weren't.

[Hook x2]
Keep talking 'bout what y'all thought you knew
Do what you gotta do
I'ma just keep going
Funny how I never got a text or call
Only want me when the checks involved
I'ma just keep going

[Verse Three]
Rough year, all whack
Rock bottom and I'm crawling back
One smoke, life called for that
Come back, how do y'all react?
I'm left with no home, thank y'all for that
Face down, now I'm falling flat
Left me sleeping in a pontiac
Said I'm "ducking the homie", bitch, don't call me that
Sit back, finna catch a diss track
This that shit that'll get you bitch slapped
Wanna trip? Get ripped like gift wrap
I gift rap when I spit the shit that's
Catnip for the DatPiff and DopeBoyz
Active, try'na track this for gold coins
Yeah, and I bless the beat
Go hard so a mothafucka press repeat
And y'all ain't stressing me
So I'll keep flexing
These, cats try'na get the best for me
Anybody else, rest in peace
And to those that I wrote this shit
I'ma tell y'all, take notes, don't forget
Slow down, grab ahold of the brakes
Cause I ain't never been a homie to fakes
Track Name: Center of Attention
[Part One: Center]

[Verse One]
I don't give a fuck what y'all drink if it gets me drunk
I don't give a fuck what y'all think I ain't here for the funk
Came in with a gang of the homies I don't fuck with any punks
then I grab a 40 bottle of the OE then I get to actin' like everybody know me
Down to drink with anyone
I'm out here having plenty fun
The party ain't over til the Henny done
Give it to me cuz they knew me I ain't 21
Homie tryna go upstate for the hoes
then we gotta go sideways for the O's
Bring the Vibe all over this state
I ain't gotta be in class til 8

[Hook 1]
And I just wanna party like a god damn fool
like a god damn fool (x4)

[Part Two: Attention]

[Verse Two]
The homie grandpa died a month ago so party at his place
Other homie future baby momma on his case
So fuck it we can grab some packs of thirty for cheap
Then we came from pre-game 'bout five drinks deep
Walk up in the room clique shouting "What up J?
We can rock the party from now until Sunday
Kick it on the couch help me knock some back"
I replied "Hell yeah I can get with that"

[Hook 2]
Cause you know that "fuck it”’s my mindset
Hit the grass I ain't breaking a sweat
Tryna go as high as national debt
And maybe if I'm lucky I can die or forget

[Verse Three]
Sent the newbie round the block
Out scouting for cops
He'll be out a minute so I'm taking his spot
Grab a bud from the homie that sell rock
Whoops I mean powder now he's out of that cell block
Turned around saw a kid I ain't know
Said he came 'bout an hour ago
Popped his pops in the mouth he wouldn't leave him alone
so he'd rather drink tonight instead of fight and be home

[Hook 3]
Cause you know that "fuck it"'s his mindset
Hit the grass he ain't breaking a sweat
Tryna go as high as national debt
He said that if he's lucky he can die or forget

[Verse Four]
Dope boy's girl challenged me to some pong
We set up the pyramids of beer and then we're on
Lick a shot or so and now all the fear's gone
Sunk three straight from the top and get cheered on
Turned the game around and whipped my ass
Switching off with her sister the shit went by fast
Only good luck charm when her mom passed
how long can we make tonight last?

[Hook 4]
Cause you know that "fuck it"'s our mindset
Hit the grass ain't breaking a sweat
Tryna go as high as national debt
and maybe if we lucky we can die or forget
Track Name: Potion (Feat. Default)
[Verse One: Jordan Fox]
Her mama comin' in through the back door,
guess I gotta focus right now.
Light bulb broke in the bath tub,
guess you gotta smoke it somehow.
Kids be crying in the front room,
daddy out about on the town.
And ain't nobody got the money for the food,
gotta hope they come down.
Cause we bought vodka and rum,
When the problem comes,
then we got, gotta run,
it is not for the fun.
Bottle every night, don't stop til it's done,
Aaron, take the track back to the top of the drums.
Kick it every night, and we act a fool.
Living life, doing what we have to do.
Always on gas or the Malibu,
Talk smack, Cherry Ave. coming after you.

[Verse Two: Default]
I walk through the streets a zombie Nikes on me
With nothing but the sound of steps of dry concrete
Might say fuck it relax and sip potion
Sins of the father just maybe I've been chosen
Spliff toking we're in motion my ribs open
Coughing up a lung and I'm still choking
Skins back to where the ribs hit
And if we didn't have money for food then we would lift it
Dipshit, should've know that then
But hind sites twenty twenty when I hold that pen
Tryna make ends meet moms gone or dope sick
Carrying all that had us heavy and hopeless
My girl at the time she been cutting her own wrists
Winter of 1-4 I know nothing but coldness
Quick trip to the belly of beasts
Critique us and ya Mom's gon be heavy with grief

[Verse Three: Default]
They got Dad locked up on a repeat offense
Brought back to the struggle knee deep again
All of my affiliates seek peace in gin
Now they’re finally at ease t meet grief and grin
Cuz everyone’s broke but yo you know the deal
Tryna scrape up money for a soda and a meal
I’ve been so numb I don’t know if I can heal
Cuz fighting or fucking’s the only way I feel real
Runaways playing on a cracked cassette
Eyes sunk from the stress of my past regrets
Landlady knows when you cashing checks
Banging on the door tryna nab the debt
So, pass the wet, pills and blades to me
Sip brew just so I can feel a trace of heat
Polaroid flash in the frame I see
Just a hollowed-out shell of what I used to be

[Verse Four: Jordan Fox]
Smoking every god damn where,
And ready to catch fades if you buck or stare.
Test yo luck, better come prepared,
never duck, give a fuck if the public's there.
Dudes coming in through the window, three or fo',
never check a do', they already know the code.
If you ain't bringing dro or dough, then go home.
Don't be alone, I froze in that zone.
Swear to god, I'll be the last one sobered up.
I'm awake, I can tell you I ain't smoked enough.
Got the potion in a cobra clutch,
and I need it like it's coming from a folger cup.
Look up in the mirror and I lick a shot,
and I can't choose whether I should live or not,
cause the flaws and the fluid all I feel I got.
I said the flaws and the fluid all I feel I got.
Track Name: Afterthought
[Verse One]
Rocking red with the black,
I was chosen the best, not a rat in the pack.
Talk smack on a track,
Get holes in ya chest like an asthma attack.
Kid wanna make amends, talking sweet like swisher.
But he don't want it in the end, really how tough is ya?
Peddle real shit ain't nobody in my city even coming near this
Tell my opps they can rest in piss but I won't stop til' I rest in pyramids
They're comparing' Aaron to 'em,
But a different derelict is there, apparent to em.
I'm not sparing', no I'm bringing peril to 'em,
if he acting like a bitch, bring a double barrel to 'em.

[Hook x2]
And they me to a point like "fuck 'em."
Messing with the clique and the dudes might chuck em.
You ain't my dude if the dude might duck em,
try to get me back, hit 'em with the good luck and...

[Verse Two]
In the room, there's an elephant.
You paid dues, still irrelevant.
Turn your regiment to skeletons,
Throw 'em in the sediment for the hell of it.
You wanna act like I'm mad 'bout nothing?
Behind my back with your bad mouth, fronting?
I'm a good judge of character, but wanna know something?
You not only a bitch, but a bitch I trusted.
Time'll heal these scars,
tryna build my appeal 'til I'm near these stars.
I don't need no spiel, I don't need yo heart.
When I appear, better just depart.
Here's the deal, keep it sealed, don't start.
Better be concealed, better fill yo part.
You a bullshit cat, living real is hard,
But I wield this pen, and I will discard.

[Hook x2]
And they got me to a point like "fuck 'em".
Messing with the clique, and the dudes might chuck em.
Ain't my dude if the dude might duck em,
tryna get me back, hit 'em with the good luck and...

[Verse Three]
Just forget it, blaze another cigarette,
Busting for days, amazed I haven't hit it yet.
Better than vets regrets I got some,
gotta keep on stepping to the beat of my drum.
And one day, they'll kill me, or I'll lose my voice.
I'd be alone with my demons, and I'd have no choice.
I'm tryna build my shine, keep it hot, no sweater,
Keep a crowd in awe, like a 15th letter.
This is life that we're living,
You don't get a ribbon for participation.
And it's full of hidden missions, and hit or misses,
And misbehaving.
In addition, you should listen what I speak:
A musician reminiscing on the vision that I see.
There's people 'round you right now
That if they ain't the cause, they don't want you to breathe.
Track Name: Tell Me How
I sit down with a page and a pen.
And I wonder how to phrase it again.
How I'll get it to amaze 'em again,
With my pain, I aim to erase what I've been.
Car crash of the mind
Got me back in the past, and I'm lagging behind.
And I'm packing a bag I left in the black of my eyes,
But I don't bother with masks, leave it to stacking the blinds.
Contrast a space,
Cause all I'm really wanting is the past erased.
No trace, but it's with me til the last of days,
Rhyme fast, type cast as a basket case.
And the past ain't me, I get it.
But it plays like a fiction if you not in it.
But that's my face, and it's on the screen,
Tell me how I'm not a villain.
I stop fucking with a fake when I can.
Do my best, try to shake em, but damn,
I awake to take bait, can't wait to drop freight,
Just because they bought tickets don't make 'em a fan.
And I feel like I'm grappling with demons,
Hear 'em cackle when I interact with people.
And I back track in the rat trap,
But I can't forget that I'm the one that let 'em seep in.
Blank stare and they right there,
I'm the only one that seems to notice.
Say a prayer 'fore the nightmare,
Feeling so gone with a lack of focus.
And I don't speak for the right,
Beginning to feel like I could reach for the light.
But it don't be what I need, lord please,
I can only find peace when I write.